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Sitting in the Buddha chair truly is an experience. Relax into the ergonomic chair that has been designed based on the ancient principles and allow yourself to feel the peace and tranquility it provides. Buddha chair is the height of design at its subtlest level - material, shape and function in absolute unity.

Having received an order from the Creative Matrix to create a Buddha chair, designer R. Cirulis set to work and created a unique gift to the world. While working on this piece, he explains that for three months it was as if something was working through him. As he immersed himself in this project, time and space completely disappeared. It was as if the shape and form arose by themselves, with R. Cirulis as the co-creator. The result was a perfect balance of the Golden Ratio and the Buddha Canon proportions.

Designed by the God and Raimonds Cirulis


  • 55 x 47 x 35

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