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LAVANEST is a company, which has welcomed volcanic lava, which has slept inside the depths of the earth, above the ground. Using modern technologies, which melt the stone at high temperatures and create durable threads out of them, lava ends up in the hands of skilful masters. The volcanic lava is turned into a unique, fine, but very durable basalt stone product.

The furniture is designed with the help of many young and experienced European designers and architects. The top priority of LAVANEST is to create furniture that is functional, comfortable, modern, and pleasing to look at. The material used makes it possible for us to create great, light, and extremely durable furniture. The finished furniture serves perfectly for more than eight years, and it works well in places with hot summers such as California and Florida as well as places with changing weather like NYC and Toronto.

Quality is one of our biggest priorities. The special weaving technique, through the use of which LAVANEST products are created, has quite specific demands – no such device has yet been invented, which produces the furniture automatically. Therefore, it is made solely by the hands of our skillful experts from the beginning to the end. The personal approach of the experts makes the weaving of the furniture unlike anything else. It makes each design unique, the details - different, and the weaving pattern - inimitable. We can guarantee that the chair or table you have bought is one of a kind in the world!

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