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  • 1. What are these chairs made of?
    We use a special basalt stone, which is melted at a temperature of 1500 oC degrees and pushed through nozzles, creating fine, but extremely durable stone threads.
  • 2. Where is this furniture made?
    Laviture Furniture is made in Latvia.
  • 3. What does the production process involve?
    The entire production process involves 100% handmade work. By mixing the basalt thread with a binding compound, it is weaved into particular shapes. Afterwards, it is processed and covered with a non-toxic polyurethane cover.
  • 4. Is the furniture appropriate for outside use?
    The furniture can be stored and used in any weather conditions throughout the year. It is snow, rain, sea water, frost and UV radiation-resistant.
  • 5. How quick is delivery?
    Delivery takes 2 to 4 weeks from the moment of receiving payment.
  • 6. How much weight can the furniture hold?
    The Apple and Egg chairs can hold up to 300 kg (660 lbs), and the King chairs – up to 400 kg (880 lbs).
  • 7. What is the installation process?
    The hanging chair set includes a rope. If you wish, you can use your own rope to install the chair. One end of the rope must be firmly tied to the place where the chair will be hung, and the chair must be attached at the other end of the rope. It can be done, using any kind of knot you know, or using our suggested knot, which will be enclosed with the furniture. You only have to tie a secure knot to a stable surface – hook, beam, branch etc.
  • 8. Do you offer the installation?
    If previously agreed upon, we can install the chair for you once we deliver it to you.
  • 9. What kind of cushions are suitable to use with your furniture?
    You can use and combine your own cushions or purchase the cushions available on our store - they are specifically designed for our offered furniture.
  • 10. I would like to buy a hanging chair, but I have nowhere to hang it. Do you offer stands for hanging chairs?"
    Yes, we offer metal stands that can be used with all the hanging chairs available in the store. If necessary, we can produce a specific stand, adapting it to your needs and desires.
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